Hello Everyone! &&& thanks to everyone who has supported Sophia & Tosin so far and in so many, many ways! They want you to know that they couldn’t make it without you!

Sophia & Tosin invite you to come and celebrate life and their family to be Sept 2nd!

With their financial and living situation it doesn’t make much sense to have a traditional baby shower. So, unlike a traditional baby shower, in place of gifts (that they’ll have no place to put), they are asking you to please donate whatever you can to help them pay for a place to live.

That means nix the baby shower and say hello to a soiree of a fundraiser!

There will be jam sessions with local musicians, first time band performance (more info soon), live art, poetry, dancing, drinking, and lots of LOVE!

You can donate here – or at the event

How did we get here? The struggle is REAL!

In the past year they have moved 11 times….Yes 11.

From a 5 bedroom house, to being seperated by an ocean, to a friends living room, to a broken down place in west lake, to a hotel, to a 10X10 room, to a friends bed for 3 days, a different friends apartment for 4, an extended stay hotel, back to the ten by ten room, and they have to be out by ACL.

Sophia during this time got pregnant, had an excruciating miscarriage, got pregnant again, vomited non-stop, threw her back out, struggled with anxiety due to constant relocation, still vomiting, couldn’t work, lost a family member, and this last trimester still vomiting, full body pain and discomfort, loss of appetite (due to enviroment stress), and all of the other discomforts of pregnancy especially as a genderqueer person of color.

Tosin has taken the financial brunt of this trying to make all of this work on his freelancer salary which isn’t much….and on top of it all – His car broke down, his laptop, camera, harddrive, cables and phone were all stolen, he applied for 27 jobs, had his resume looked over, interviewed to the final round of interviews for two of them and was told by one that “he’d be happier pursuing a career in music” and the other “we’ll be going with someone else”, all while playing, gigging, making a movie, editing, improv, maintaining friendships and solving the many many problems that arise.

It has been a long road for the both of them.

….and there is now a finish line.

Thanks to some generous people who asked to remain anonymous Tosin was able to afford to go to Galvanize. A Full Stack Web Devolopment Immersive Program – that will end in January with a job (well 92% of the time). So for the next 6 months he will be going to class from 9-5 with 2 hours of homework a day.

Two months into it baby X Oluoluwa should be arriving into the world and they will be left with very little options on where to live.

The hope is that between now and then they can raise enough to pay for all the upfront costs of getting their own place and pay rent from Oct – Feb.

After that Tosin will be making 70-80k a year and can handle it on his own but for the next six months they could really use your help.

So please whatever you can spare…even if you can’t make it to the soiree, any and everything helps.

Donate Here –

We are so grateful and hope to see you there!


7:00 : Jam session.
7:30 : Christina Carlson
8:00 : Kyle Schmidlin
8:30 : Raul Adrian Ochoa
9:00 : Hilary Kuhlmey and Sarah Jondreau
9:30 : Anslee Connell
10:00 : Announcements/Jam/Raffles/Auctions..
10:30 : Thunderpug

Also West China Tea Company will be seving tea as well!

West China Tea Company is a boutique Chinese tea importer that is helping to spread tea culture to Austin. They import hand-selected teas directly from the producer, as well as sharing and teaching the art of Gong Fu Cha, Chinese tea service. They serve tea at many local parties and festivals and host events nightly at The Tea Spot Austin, located at the back of Spider House on Guadalupe and 30th.

and Emily Michele will be doing a live painting and auctioning it off at 10pm!


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