I am in love with the idea of fusing food and music.
What better way to achieve this experience than with a…
!~~ Musical Dinner Party ~~!
Join us at Troy Restaurant, a family-owned Mediterranean Restaurant.
#Dinner is made from scratch!

While your dinner is prepared, let us take your ears on a journey to different countries.

Our #LiveMusic menu features fusion flavors:
…..7:30pm….EDM World by Subha Pindiproli
…..8:45pm….Worldbeat Rock by Krysti Subieta
….10:00pm….Soul Jazz by Hilary Kuhlmey
….11:15pm….Neo Soul by Sarah Jondreau

Enjoy a Turkish Beef Iskender Plate. Listen to sounds from around the World. Dance to the Worldbeat!

Bring a child,
Bring a friend,
Bring a date,

Troy Restaurant
8105 Mesa Dr.
Austin TX 78759 #ATX

***$5 at the door will go to local performing musicians

***Food will be available for purchase.
– We have a Buffet Option, where you can create your own plate.
– You may also order a specialty plate from the cash register.
For plate prices, refer to the menu here:

***SEATING is limited, but there will be standing room and places to rest your drinks.
Consider bringing LAWN CHAIRS if you want to guarantee a seat ­čÖé

***There is lots of PARKING outside the restaurant, and an outdoor area where you may set up camp as well.

To RSVP, change your response for this event to “GOING”
This event made possible thanks to our friend Orhan Meng├╝ Davarc─▒ atTroy Restaurant and these awesome musicians:
Hilary Kuhlmey Music Sarah Jondreau Subha Pindiproli Rand RamosMichael Penic Krysti Subieta Music James Giandelone



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